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We do Hers Rating on every type of structure, from apartments to large industrial buildings. We do it all. Fast, reliable, professional, licensed testing,


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I’d like to take a minute and introduce myself- my name is Adam Guzman and I’ve been in the HVAC industry since 2006 specializing in duct work, duct sizing and duct layouts. I started HERS Rater Now after seeing all the poorly sealed duct systems. I knew I wanted to make a difference. I believe in the mission of helping people breath cleaner air with added comfort. I’ve always taken pride in my professionalism and my ability to always go above and beyond. HERS Rater Now is a family owned business that serves the greater Bay Area. Please do not hesitate to call for a quote or to set up an appointment. Veterans and seniors always get 10 percent off. Stop duct leakage start breathing better, saving energy and saving money!

Air Duct


HERS Rater Now is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle your duct testing needs in a professional manner.

Duct Leakage Testing

This test is performed by first sealing off all supply and return registers for that system using special sealed “pans” or adhesive masking materials. A diagnostic fan flow meter is then connected to the system and records the leakage flow.

Cooling coil air flow

The purpose of this test is adequate air flow and low watt draw saving electricity thruout the cooling season.

Fan Watt draw test

Central forced air system fans must maintain greater than 350 CFM per nominal ton of cooling capacity across the cooling coil and have a fan watt draw than 0.58 watts/CFM.

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